Interview with Girls Rock Japan

For MOM#3 we’ve been collaborating with the organizers of Ladies Rock Camp Japan quite a bit. Nami, one of the organizers, drew the amazing poster that functions as a cover for the magazine and also made an illustration for one of the stories in the magazine. Ritsuko, who I met while she was visiting Berlin earlier this year, introduced us and helped with translating things.

So while we were sitting in Germany getting the magazine ready to be printed, Nami and Ritsuko were in Japan and preparing Ladies Rock Camp Japan. Communicating back and forth, the idea came up to publish the story that Nami illustrated as a zine in Japanese. Together with a tape by Ritsuko’s band gummybear both came out in April 2015 to support Girls/Ladies Rock Camp Japan, a month before MOM #3 was released in Germany.

In order to give you some background information about our amazing partner in Japan, they answered some questions for us, that you can read on Transnational Queer Underground.



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