Past Parties


Im Mai erscheint MOM #3 zum Thema DIRT. Im Heft geht es um Liebschaften und ihre Andenken, Gerüche in Darkrooms, Nachrichten aus dem Jenseits, sexuelle Phantasien im Comic, Bloody Marys aus Regelblutungen und vieles mehr. Und um all diese tollen Beiträge gebührend zu feiern, veranstalten wir am 16.5.15 eine Release Party im Bei Ruth. Dort wird es queeren Folk-Punk u.a. mit einem BDSM-Song auf dem Glockenspiel von We’re Only Made Of Snowgeben. Das Riot-Grrrl-Cello-Duo Razor Cunts betört mit seinem original-old-school Charme in neuem Gewand undErring Soda bringen euch mit ihrem Riot-Grrrl-Punkcore zum toben. Im Anschluss legen dann Kissy Suzuki&Koko Karacho traditionellen Punk-Hop-Pop auf, Sid Precious verführt euch mit seinem Jayne Mansfield Memorial Squid Rodeo (pop) und zum Ende spielt das MOM DJ-Team die Tanzlustigsten und Trinkfreudigsten von euch noch in den Morgen. Außerdem gibt es eine Photo-Booth und Dress-up-Ecke und wer weiß, was uns bis dahin sonst noch alles einfällt. Also bringt eure Freund_innen mit und feiert mit uns! Hefte gibt es natürlich auch.

In May, we launch MOM#3: the DIRT issue. Inside its pages, you’ll find dark room stenches, messages from the beyond, how to make Bloody Marys from menstrual blood, souvenirs from love affairs, sexy comics, and much more. To celebrate these fabulous stories, we’re holding a launch party on May 16th at Bei Ruth. Featuring queer folk-punk & glockenspiel BDSM from We’re Only Made Of Snow, all-cello riot-grrl no-wave nonsense from Razor Cunts, and punkcore riot-grrl romping from Erring Soda. Later, mobilise your dancing shoes for DJs Kissy Suzuki & Koko Karach (traditional punk-hop-pop), Sid Precious and his Jayne Mansfield Memorial Squid Rodeo (pop), and your resident MOM DJ team (queer pop punk indie riot!). We’ll have a dress up corner and a photobooth and all kinds of other treats we haven’t thought of yet. Bring your friends and come party with us! (And buy the new and all the back issues of MOM.)


mom-party-posterAm 16.05.15 im Bei Ruth
In den Räumlichkeiten des bei Roy e.V. – Ziegrastraße 11-13 – S-Bahn Neukölln

Mit Beiträgen von: Tom Moore ▼ Tine Fetz ▲ Sol Undurraga ► Nami Nakano ▲ Myrtille Picaud ▼ Louise Trueheart ◀︎ Leon Phonnyx ▼ Kevin Junk ▲ Jane Flett ► Eva Müller ▲ Denis Zehra Tavli ▼ Cris Olano ◀︎ Corinna Pichl ▼ Calvin Gimpelevich ▲ Atlanta Athens.

Magazin Layout von: Adria Chilcote



Erring Soda – coming from the political tradition of diy riot grrrl we’re making hardcore punk music. we like it queer, loud and dirty! Check it out:

Razor Cunts – Recipe: Add The Raincoats, Lydia Lunch, Miranda July, Bikini Kill, Yoko Ono, Margaret Atwood, ESG and Mary Poppins and mix in a blender for roughly 25-30 years. Then spice with cellos and stripes and dirty words and drums and distortion and love. Voila! You’ve been Razor Cunted. More: or

We’re Only Made Of Snow – Good, honest, sometimes a bit tender and loving, sometimes shameless and bashing your head in relentlessly. or


MOM #2 release party

+english version below+

Bald hüpfen die kleinen Lämmer wieder über grüne Wiesen und Heidi lässt die Röcke fliegen, denn die 2. Ausgabe von MOM ist da! Schwerpunktthema ist diesmal – wie könnte es anders sein: HEIDI. Um euch angemessen auf Ostern vorzubereiten und euch die neue Ausgabe vorzustellen, haben wir eine kleine Lesung mit Michael Zander vom ak mob und anderen Autor_innen organisiert. Außerdem zeigen wir den Film „Die Heide ruft – Sexualbegleitung für Menschen mit Beeinträchtigungen“ und anschließend gibt es Musik von pea dd & don shizo.

*Lesung aus MOM #2
*Film „Die Heide ruft – Sexualbegleitung für Menschen mit Beeinträchtigungen“
*Musik von pea dd & don shizo


Soon little lambs will jump over green meadows again and Heidi will let her skirt blow in the wind, because MOMs 2nd issue is published! This time the main topic is – how could it be anything else: Heidi. To prepare you for your easter holidays in a decent manner and to present you the new issue, we organized a small reading with Michael Zander from ak mob and other authors. Plus we will show the movie „Die Heide ruft – Sexualbegleitung für Menschen mit Beeinträchtigungen“. Afterwards pea dd & don shizo will smooth you hearts with lovely tunes.

*reading from MOM#2 with Michael Zander (ak mob) u.a.
*movie „Die Heide ruft – Sexualbegleitung für Menschen mit Beeinträchtigungen“
* music by pea dd & don shizo

when: 30.3.2013 19:00
where: faq infoladen, jonasstr. 40, 12053 berlin

we’d be happy to see you there!


Prerelease-/Soli-party for MOM Issue #2

make_out_magazine_suedblock3.11.2012 +++ 22:00 +++ südblock
MOM invites you to a night full of dirndel-lederhosen-jodel fun!
Referring to the main topic of issue #2: it’s all about heidi, her friends and the mountains.

As a guest of the legendary her.story party we’re proud to present you the finest DJs, a Jodelcontest and the best Heidi-Trash-Movie ever made!

Bring a goat and get a MOM for free!

lindas tante



Make Out Magazine & Hugs’n Kisses Soli-Party!


Gemeinsam sind wir stark!

Dance your ass off for the benefit of MOM and celebrate the release of the 9th issue of hamburg based queer magazine hugs’n kisses!

we’re having a party at the 22th of June at lovelite

doors open 22:00

line up:
– denier (e-hop-experimente)
leosa. (fem_hopop)
karina qanir (techno)


MOM #1 Release Party

We finally made it: Make Out Magazine is being printed at this very moment!

We’re all really excited about it and we’re going to celebrate like hell. The release party will be on Saturday, November 26th at Scharni (Scharnweberstr. 38) with live music from Confused Being Alive, Käptn Awesome, You’re Only Massive plus DJs Viola, Very Serious and Joey Hansom.

And here’s a little bit about the enthralling content that the magazine is going to present you:
There will be articles about sex work, the delusion of the word “rape”, a tribute to Poly Sterene, welfare experiences, reproductive technology, the Girls‘ Rock Camp and much more. In line with our main topic NERDS, we have a DIY handycraft introduction to nerdglasses, an interview with chaos computer club and an exclusive nerd mixtape compiled by homoground.

Come to the party, get the magazine and find out more about the wonderful world of MOM!


MAKEOVER! Make Out Magazine + Bend Over Magazine


Our first issue is progressing! Aside from the mental and manual labor, though, we are still in need of raising a bit more funds, so we’re teaming up with another excellent existing publication to co-host a party in Berlin on July 10.


Make Out Magazine + Bend Over Magazine

Sunday, 10th of July 2011

Soju Bar (Skalitzer Str. 36 – U Görlitzer)

w/ DJs Metzgerei and Joey Hansom

Two independent Berliner queer/feminist publications are teaming up to raise money for printing costs, and aside from that, just to have a freaky good time together: Bend Over, having just released its sixth issue, and Make Out, still in its inception phase but ready to pop this summer. Bend Over editor-in-chief Ena Schnitzlbaumer AKA DJ Metzgerei will use her magic fingers to mix electro and house sounds, while Make Out co-founder Joey Hansom will playfully blend disco and pop. If you need a break from the beats, step into the Karaoke Klo. It all takes place in Kreuzberg’s Soju Bar, an intimate club setting with big sound and a Korean kiss. All genders are welcome. Prudes are not!


The first party took place on May 6th, 2011 at Raumerweiterungshalle in Berlin:

mom_flyer_web mom-flyer-v2

MOM/makeoutmagazine is hosting a night of live music and DJs to raise money for the cost of printing its first issue. Your donation of 3 €+ will help support our queer/feminist/DIY publication and is also a freaking bargain for the awesome talent we have lined up!


Nuclear Family (NSFW synth-punk)

Late Nights in Squat Bars (party-starting-electro-hop)

Alexander (morose-disco-soul)


Joey Hansom (mainstream-underground-etc.)

IF (old-wave-riot-grrrl-etc.)

Leosa (electro-pop-etc.)

mom_raumerweiterungshalle_party_01 mom_raumerweiterungshalle_party_02
mom_raumerweiterungshalle_party_04 mom_raumerweiterungshalle_party_06

We say: Vielen Dank to everyone who made our party such a success: the organizers of Raumerweiterungshalle, the performers (Late Nights in Squat Bars, Nuclear Family, Alexander feat. The Crystal Tits), the volunteers working at the door and bar and of course, the multitude of guests! We are thrilled to be part of such a supportive community. Because of you all, we’ve achieved a major milestone and are one step closer to making our publication a printed reality!